What do you need to start?

Once you become interested in these delightful animals there are several ways to get started.

  1. If you have no land of your own you can buy animals and agist them with us until yoiu are ready for them.
    This offers many advantages:
    1. Minimal investment, you can buy only one animal and it won't be lonely
    2. You can commit only a small amount of time to the project
    3. You can visit them as often as you wish and get to know them
    4. You can run your own breeding program, utilising the stud males that we have available
    5. Agistment costs are generally low and the new young animals (cria) are quickly valuable so this can be the start of a financially rewarding hobby.
    6. If or when you do have land you will have an established herd for little more than the cost of your initial outlay.
  2. If you have a small amount of land you can start with a few animals of your own

    Alpacas are herd animals so it is unwise to buy only one, however even two animals can be happy together, although more is better.

    What do you need to start?

    You may only have a (relatively) large garden, around half an acre, and a small purse: You could start with a couple of young gelded males. As always, the young of the species are particularly appealing. The young males are generally available from about a year ot two old. They make excellent pets and lawn mowers and if you have a large patch of grass that you can fence in they will do the job for you. They are not fussy or rampant eaters, nor are they breakout artists and so fencing and maintenance are relatively simple.

    Alternatively you might want to start with a pregnant female with a cria at foot and a gelded male for company. In no time you will have a herd of several adults for little more than the price of one.  Keep in mind, however, that the younger the animal the more vulnerable it is.  You may purchase cria at foot and collect them when they are weaned, but while these are generally the least expensive animals there is also a risk attached.

    Perhaps you want to have animals for your children to experience, yet are not enthused about the idea of sheep or other farm animals. Alpacas are gentle and affectionate and can make delightful pets.

  3. If you have more land and are looking for a use for it you can increase the number of animals you buy, as appropriate to your budget. In no time you will find you have an enjoyable and rewarding hobby turned business on your hands.
  4. You may already be running a land-based, non-farming, business enterprise.
    1. You may have a hotel, a bed and breakfast house or holiday or cottages homes.
    2. You may be running a hobby or children’s farm.
    3. You may have opened your home or garden to the public and be interested in having an additional attraction to draw in the customers.
    4. You may have a smallholding and be looking for a pleasurable and cost-efficient way to diversify or utilise some of the marginal land.
    5. You may have retired and be looking for a hobby that can also add a generous supplement to your income.
  5. You may have some land and be looking for a serious new business venture.
  6. You may be running sheep or free-range poultry and be troubled by foxes. Alpacas will attack foxes and so can protect your other animals and birds.
  7. You may be running a farm and looking for a way to diversify to a more profitable and less time-consuming business
  8. You may have marginal land that you would like to put to use.

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