Alpaca products - the fleece and other benefits

We are often asked if you can eat alpaca meat.  Indeed you can and this is commonly done in South America where the animals, of varying standards, are often used for food, while the better quality animals are breed for their fleece.  I am told, by those who know, that the taste is somewhere between that of lamb and venison.

In other countries the animals are generally too costly to eat, and have better uses.  The fact that they are not intentionally killed for profit or benefit is one of the joys of breeding and working with alpacas.  You are free to be fond of them with no fear for their future.  

There are several income streams to be derived from alpacas.  

1.  Offspring

From the start, in this country, they have been valuable for their offspring.  Farming alpacas had been largely a breeding industry and the offspring have been used either to build the herd or sold on for profit or to start other herds.  While the numbers in Ireland have grown since 2001 when we started, the country is nowhere near capacity.

2.  The fleece

Their unique end product is their fleece.  This hollow fibred silky hair can be used for a variety of purposes.

There are several companies that provide all these services and we can help to organise that for you.

3.  Protecting lambs and poultry

Alpacas are not gratuitously aggressive.  But if they are allowed to run with sheep and lambs they will attack, and can kill, any fox or wild dog that attempts to take a lamb.  One farmer who purchased two alpacas from us many years ago was losing around 30 lambs a year to foxes.  After putting the alpacas with them this stopped and saved him every year, far more than the one-off initial cost  of the alpacas.

Alpacas have also been know to protect flocks of organic poultry that are, necessarily, free to roam and so are otherwise vulnerable to foxes.

4.  Other financial benefits


We can discuss all of this with you should you plan to buy alpacas for these or other purposes.    After over a decade of breeding these delightful animals we have heard of a multitude of other unique or unusual benefits to having them and are happy to share our information with you.

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